Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cute Girls.

This is a portrait of a wonderfully talented Burlesque dancer/performance artist who goes by the super-pretty-damn-awesome-moniker Stella Semiautomatic. The original photograph which I used for reference was taken by Patrick Edwards. Ms. Semiautomatic is part of The Keyhole Sessions, a super talented group of hot people, being hot. And performing deliciously erotic modeling for life drawing and photography sessions! If you're in the Toronto area, and love drawing live models, this is a must.

Also, who wants to buy me a ticket to Toronto?


Stella said...

this is the best :)

Alex M. said...

No no no no no no no, YOU'RE the best. Also, if'n you want me to do that illustration of you and your friend, I'd be more than happy to!