Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who took my watch?

This little fella is another one of the four player characters for my in-development game. He's the swift sneaky Thief. He's a master of Daggerful Demise: The killing of which is did with the knifey knives. Look forward to more concept art from my little side project!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Black and white. And brown.

Sketchbook thing. Brown watercolor, ballpoint pen.

There's this great art space in Northbeach called Fivepoints arthouse. They've just recently started utilizing the space to host galleries and a varied body of work by rotating artists. Every Wednesday, they have a collage night. There are friendly folks, usually some beer, always some choice tunes, and every now and again, a great film shown on the projector. I did this numbah on the first night I attended. If anybody is in the Northbeach area of San Francisco and is interested in hanging out with artists and talking about art, head on down!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Over the course of my comic book loving life, I've gone in and out of superhero phases. I've run the gamut from obscure indie autobiographical works to some of the cheesiest spandex muscle fests and for what it's worth, Wolverine still remains one of my most favorite comic book characters. He's short, furry, pretty much always aggravated, and the fact that he's been increidbly well written for the last decade gives him a bredth that few other characters possess while still keeping the reader guessing about his origin and history. Oh, did I mention he's got Adamantium claws, a mutant healing factor and an indestructible skeleton?