Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swords and Dungeons!!!

That's the working title for this little game I'm developing in my spare time with the very talented Shane Parker (whose site I will post as soon as I get a URL from him). He's in the process of developing the engine and some of the procedural work for the game, and I'm making these digital puppets which I am articulating and animating. The following image is the finished Paladin for the game, which is sans tabard and wings/halo since they'll be handled on a different layer, so to speak.

The game is pretty much a side-scrolling beat-em-up very much like the beloved four player Ninja Turtles co-op arcade game, or Final Fight, or any of those I'm-going-to-run-around-and-punch-things-until-I-win games of the time. I hope to incorporate some light RPG elements so there is a little character progression and it doesn't get boring after you've beaten up your 150th Axe Wielding Dark Orc.

Coming soon: Concept art and in progress shots for the Cleric, Archer and Thief characters!