Tuesday, March 27, 2007


These are the two "What's the Ogre Holding?" entries that survived a mass migration of files from hard drive to hard drive. Those who would like to resubmit their entries are more than welcome! The stunning Dodger fan Ogre on the left was cooked up by Steve MacLeod and the one on the right, hurtling a violent Pegasus into the welcome hands of death, was drewed by Jojo Ramos! If those not posted want to resubmit, please do so. You can win absolutely nothing!


Two versions of this, the top being done in Painter, and the bottom in Photoshop. I'm not very familiar with the Painter interface, but I'm giving it a go! Hopefully I'll have figured it out soon so I can churn out some more Painter work! I must say the differences between the two were eventually pretty minimal. What does that say about me?! I don't know. I had fun.

This is a little poster sketch I turned into a colored thing. This thing was really me just going crazy with some of that new-fangled blooming action. I think I should add more. It's not overdone enough.