Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sketch Dump! Yarrrgh! (no pirates actually)

Here it comes! ::DUMP::

This is a barbarian. I think I secretly love giant axe wielding brawny hero types. Wait, is he a hero? Maybe sidekicks? Maybe... just maybe... I'm a barbarian at heart.

As much as I love Barbarians, I think I love Knights even more. Chivalry! Axe Chivalry! No wait. No, that's right. Axe Chivalry.

Manticore are awesome. They're basically lion heads, scorpion tails and bat wings grafted onto the body of an Ankylosaurus. No lie.

Fred Mertz was always my favorite I Love Lucy character.

I think I love to draw such beefy character types because it's fun to work with huge shapes and making up anatomy is always a treat. All those life drawing classes paid off somewhere... I just don't know where... This Ogretrolladon is grabbing something. Copy and Paste this drawing into your Photoshop and draw your own "thing"! Submit all entries to! I'll post it. I swear. If you want to add in the other foot, by all means, do so.

This guy listens to Rockabilly. I don't.

These are soldier designs for a game I'm working on with a friend. It's going to be hawt!

This is young Tycho.

This is older Tycho. Anybody that knows me or is familiar with my art knows this guy has stuck around with me forever. He's in an ongoing story and world that perpetuates itself in my head. Maybe I should start a blog based entirely on this world. Maybe I won't!

Stay tuned for more dumping!