Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So some mishaps on my last post. Things I can't seem to fix. First of all, that's not supposed to be a blue man.

This guy has nothing to do with the blue man. But I'm continuing to post things that are at various stages of my process. This guy is Muy Thai.

Also, in my last post, I reposted the woman with the flower in her hat. That's boring, so I'm uploading this woman. She doesn't have flowers in her hat. She doesn't have a hat either. But she does look cool (I think she does anyway). You may be asking yourself "What's her official occupation?" Well, have any of you seen that sweet film, Brazil? Yep. She's a plumber.

This is a former roommate of mine. His name? Oh, he shall remain nameless for now. However, I should plug his site:/http://www.buenothebear.com/. It's choc-full of goodness.

Look forward to more postage goodness!


I've got some things I've liked from over the past few months, and I've thought about not posting them because I had this overwhelming urge to post 'finished' pieces. You know what? Nuts to that. It's my blog! I'll cry if I want to! No... wait... I'll cry if I HAVE to? Regardless, here's some new stuff!

This here's a thing. This thing looks angry.

This woman? Not so angry.

What is this thing? I don't know yet. But if you happen to find out before I do, please, send me a PM.

This however is an SF-33 Tigershark. If you really wanted to know the specs on this bad boy, let me know. I'm so nerdy I spec out all my cool space flying things. Yes. I even make up units of measurement for things that won't exist for 2 billion years.

This could very well be a monkey with a gun. Or a very ugly guy with a gun. Maybe it's a banana. Who cares?!