Friday, May 26, 2006


I've been kind of on a hiatus dealing with the end of school and some things with family. Now I have to catch up with things I've been neglecting or have forgotten about. Here are some things I have just scanned or have had on my drive for a bit.

This is a punchy guy. I don't know what he's all about.

This over here is a cowboy and a robot. They are just quick color comps that I did in a few minutes.

This is another version of the shadow monster that I had up in an earlier update. This is bit more cartoony than the previous one. Hopefully still scary on some level.

This guy over here is a winged man. It was an early concept for an RPG idea a friend and I had. Most of this stuff is under lock and key (my closet), so this is a rare exclusive (the drawing that was closest to the top of the stack).