Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Almost Forgot!

Forgot to post this last night. It was a sketch I did. I'm not too happy with it, but I figure I'll put up my bad work as well as the stuff I like so I can stand back and look at all of it. I think I learn more from my bad work than I do from my good work.

My plan is to do daily sketches with my Wacom tablet. So this is one.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Website That Almost Was

An image used for a website my roommate and I started. Alas, this is as far as it got. The design work is his (Cornelius Coons) and the character illustrations in the middle are mine.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

...And It Continues.

So I ended up not playing video games. Well, I started, but then I wanted to draw a wizard.

I have this somewhat unhealthy obsession with fantasy worlds. Well, maybe it's not an "obsession". I mean, I don't go to RenFair or anything like that... although I think I should...

Anyway, here's a sketch. I'm going to color it soon.

It Begins...

So it seems the animation industry has stumbled onto blogs. Not that it's something new in the industry, but they seem to be catching on. So maybe it's not so much of a "stumble" as it may be a "running leap". So, off I go, into the deep end with a blog of my own. This will be my first image. It's a work in progres. Soon to be spiffy!

Wow. Now I've been overcome with the desire to post more artwork. I better go play some video games before I become a post-machine.